Join a New Crew of Elite Women Entrepreneurs in a Yellowstone-Inspired 2-Day LIVE Event in the Mountains of Colorado... and Experience a Powerful Upleveling of Yourself, Your Business, Your Community, and Your Story!

July 18 & 19, 2024 | Live & In-Person Only

50-Seat Limit | Rye, Colorado

This event is as if Tony Robbins and Yellowstone had a business baby… and then invited 50 of their closest friends, planned activities, and brought snacks! 🤣

Jodee Turner

Tickets Are Now Released!

Standard Event Ticket Price: $997

Early Bird Event Ticket Price: $597

Act Fast! We Are Currently At 20% Capacity for this Yellowstone-Style Event!

Let's Go Girls...

(Queue Shania Twain 🐎)

At Ranch Camp You have the Rare Chance to Take Your Life, Mindset, Story, and Business to Elevated Levels...

Join JoDee Turner and Cara Christenson, your Story Saving Sisters, at this year's must attend two-day event in the mountains of Colorado. You'll not only walk away with a new lens through which to view your business and your life, but you'll as get a new crew to walk through the moments with...

We will be taking over the Christenson family ranch for a Yellowstone-style Mini Getaway complete with mountain-top views, meadow side walks, creek bed plunges and much more! Talk about a business break-through disguised as a retreat!

We believe YOU have

a story to tell.

come to ranch camp for the chance to master that story

Revamp Your Mindset

So you can channel all that wasted energy feeling like an imposter into being the authentic leader you are, which means you can finally put your monkey mind on mute 🙉

Rewrite Your Story

So your customers get more of the Oscar-winning performances and less of the reality TV bloopers, which means the caliber of yourself and clientele will rise too (hello law of attraction 👋)

Grow Your Community

So you can adopt 49 sisters just like you 👯, which means the odds of finding a soul sister for all the moments along your entrepreneurial journey are ever in your favor


So you can rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit in the mountains of Colorado ⛰️, which means when others might experience that mid-year slump, you'll be primed to peak


So you can convince your boss 😉 to honor the season of summer vacation, while still making her happy (aka. moving the needle), which means you can feel productive, but also revived

Open Your Horizons

So you can no longer be bogged down by what you don't know you're missing, which means you've not only placed yourself, but also your perspective at elevation 🙌

Your Story is for More than

Sitting Around a Campfire

reignite your business with your story as the spark

If you're like us, your loved ones are probably sick of hearing how the business is doing when they ask how you are.

PSA: Your customers might be too! The difference between filling a need and securing a loyal customer is resonating as humans. Sure, they need to know the specks of whatever offer they're interested in, but people buy from people, not businesses.

Don't worry, you don't have to stop word vomiting about your passion completely. You just need to start at the beginning and even out your focus. Who are you? What led you to where you are today? And, why are you the girl for the job? Now, when you're in the story directly, it's hard to see the forest through the trees and create spark-notes without getting lost. That's where JoDee and Cara, your story saving sisters, come in!

walk away with the story that fuels your fire

🔥It's what makes closing sales feel like finding soul sisters

🔥It's instant charisma at speaking engagements

🔥It's planting your flag so your tribe can flock to you

🔥It's comments like "she's thinking of me again!" with every post & offer

🔥It's your rebellious entrepreneurial spirit coming home to people that get you because you crafted their universal language

🔥It's breathing lighter knowing the story of your passion matches you as a person

🔥It's as timeless and right as storytelling over a fire with your chosen family

Connect with Other High-Achieving Women, Tap Into the Power of Your Story, and Get Direct Insight on How It Will Propel Your Business Forward at Our 2-Day Elevate5 LIVE Event in a Yellowstone-Inspired Atmosphere!

Revamp your mindset, rewrite your story, reset your life & relate to women like you

This event will SELL OUT FAST! Act Now! We have limited seating and are over 20% capacity now!

About us at Elevate5

Hear Our Story, Rewrite Yours

Howdy! We are JoDee Turner and Cara Christenson, two sisters living and breathing ranch life meets entrepreneurship in Rye, Colorado. We've been running Elevate5 for about 10 years now...

And we are your Ranch Camp event hosts! We are super passionate about something we see business owners miss that is written all over their brand - their story!

What story are you telling your clients? If you just realized you're the narrator, it's probably one of fear!

Dear Sister, Woman, Entrepreneur, Wearer of Multiple Hats Extraordinaire, 👒🤠🧢

We see you.

Yep, you.

CEO of your business, family and life. Your to-do lists need to-do lists most days. By the time you take your first business call, get everyone going and get out the door, how can you expect yourself to find time to think about the greater story?

Some days you feel energized, motivated, and on a high... All those consistent little steps got you to the top of your next mountain.

Other days, you feel like you rolled all the way down the backside and landed swiftly in the nearest valley. Every task has a sticking point, every conversation has an underlying tone of frustration, and if you could just fall asleep without playing whack-a-mole with your thoughts, that'd be great!

Nobody else seems to know what it's like to balance your professional ambitions and your personal sanity. Since you haven't figured out how to duplicate yourself yet, it often feels like it's you against the world.

Whether you feel like you're striking a 'Captain Morgan' pose on the ground you just conquered or you are peeling yourself up from your hard landing and picking twigs out of your hair, the fact that you are nodding your head means you are our people.

We get you.

We've been where you are and we know the whiplash that can come from the entrepreneurial journey. We want to help remove you from the forest so you can stop only seeing the trees.

And that's why we started hosting our live, in-person Ranch Camp events.

What's missing for women entrepreneurs in today's world is a place to gather with the space to take a breath, hang up the other demands of your life and sit with the women facing the same mountains you're trying to climb; where you can come together to help build each other up, support each other in the valleys, and cheer each other on your way to the peaks!

That's what we do for the people in our community... and if that's you, then we want to do that for you, too!

And of course, we always want to share the best path we've found to ELEVATE ourselves.

ELEVATING ourselves means we get to support our family's dreams sooner. Our own dreams sooner. And give back sooner. Isn't that the reason we decided to become entrepreneurs in the first place?

Along with direct business guidance for you, you'll grow your network of amazing women... those driven to make a big impact, and ready to rise together...

And, most importantly, are just plain great humans.

We're being really serious, here. The Elevate5 Family are some of the greatest people you will ever have the opportunity to meet and add to not just your network, but to your crew of people you can turn to for support.

...And we are actually pretty protective of them (⚠️ our mamma bear 🐻 can come out), so if you are not an entrepreneur who is a genuine person and really wants to elevate themselves AND make an impact... this is most definitely not the event for you.

If you are, however, a person who cares about the people you are serving and finding other women like you...

You realize it's time to step off the gas and check-in on your direction...

And you really do want your energy, thoughts and presence to lead you and your business to your best destination...

Then we would love to have you join us on July 18 & 19 in the beautiful Yellowstone-like mountains of Colorado!

Connect with Other High-Achieving Women, Tap Into the Power of Your Story, and Get Direct Insight on How It Will Propel Your Business Forward at Our 2-Day Elevate5 LIVE Event in a Yellowstone-Inspired Atmosphere!

Revamp your mindset, rewrite your story, reset your life & relate to women like you

This event will SELL OUT FAST! Act Now! We have limited seating and are over 20% capacity now!

Meet Our leaders & teachers

Ranch Camp Speakers

JoDee Turner

JoDee Turner is the CEO and co-founder of Elevate5 Digital Marketing.

She grew her professional roots in corporate, academia, and then entered into entrepreneurship with her sister, full of the hope and delusion that one must embrace to take that journey willingly. In 2018, JoDee and her two children made the big move from Wisconsin to Colorado and settled into a home nestled into the mountains. Today, JoDee and her beautiful, blended family still call this sweet spot home. Thank heavens for fiber optic, mountain vistas, home additions, and new beginnings.

Cara Christenson

Cara Christenson is the COO and co-founder of Elevate5 Digital Marketing, her second successful branding and design company.

After college and a half dozen years in various corporate design roles, she deemed herself unemployable and set out to create a business she loved that worked with the life she’d dreamt of building. She and her husband and family live on a fifth generation working ranch in southern Colorado, raising kids, cattle, and too many businesses to count, and are proudly hosting us all at their outdoor venue for Ranch Camp.

Felicia Searcy

Felicia Searcy is a 4-time award-winning transformational coach, author, and ordained minister of 30 years whose purpose is her passion: to empower you to discover and express your extraordinary life. You may have seen her on TV or caught her on Coast-to-Coast radio. As a highly sought-after international speaker, she has shared the stage with powerhouse leaders like Les Brown and worked with Bob Proctor.

For nearly three decades, Felicia has taught thousands the missing spiritual piece that accelerates all success. She helps you go from soul-sucking disappointment and profound spiritual frustration to a life you really love, as you make the difference you know you’re meant to make.

As she shows her clients how to make a deeper connection to Infinite Intelligence and truly understand and apply universal laws, they have fulfilled their dreams such as nearly doubling their income in 10 weeks, finding soulmates, getting off blood-pressure medication, healing marriages, and increasing their income by 40% while cutting their work time in half.

Felicia came from a violent and abusive childhood. This compelled her to discover little-known spiritual principles and universal laws… and it transformed everything. Felicia now lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband, Michael, of 35 years and their two dogs, Beau and Daisy.

A Cowgirl approved

Ranch Camp Adventure

Brush canyon ranch

A 2,000-acre private ranch at 7,500 feet in elevation, nestled by the mountains of southern Colorado.

Get away from all distractions and be replenished by the serene natural setting. Enjoy mountain-top sunsets, creek bed plunges, meadows side walks, and much more! This is not your stiff conference room business gathering, we wouldn't allow it.

Connect with Other High-Achieving Women, Tap Into the Power of Your Story, and Get Direct Insight on How It Will Propel Your Business Forward at Our 2-Day Elevate5 LIVE Event in a Yellowstone-Inspired Atmosphere!

Revamp your mindset, rewrite your story, reset your life & relate to women like you

This event will SELL OUT FAST! Act Now! We have limited seating and are over 20% capacity now!

What others are saying about the

Ranch Camp Experience

Elevate5 honors your passion while clarifying your calling through a unique process.

Gretchen Stevenson, Gretchen Stevenson Ministries

Working with Elevate5 was a very empowering experience. I instantly felt connected, which in turn led me to get my message out with ease. That honestly gave me the voice I have been searching for.

Jessica Stapf,

Don't Get Left in the Dust!

How much PROGRESS have you prevented by not giving yourself the time to step back, assess, and make sure your efforts are being put in the right direction?

How much TIME, EFFORT, AND MONEY have you wasted trying to overcome obstacles or challenges on your own, when you could have tapped into the Collective Genius at Elevate5 LIVE events? Lost time freedom and lost financial freedom are the hardest things to put a price tag on, especially when it comes to our families and the time we get to spend with them.

How much POTENTIAL POSITIVE IMPACT have you lost by trying to do and be it all, instead of seeking to grow your network and learn from those who have found the best way?

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your business and your life. RANCH CAMP IS A GAME CHANGER!

Secure Your Seat Today!


Where Should I Fly Into?

You have a few options...

Pueblo Memorial Airport (35 minutes to ranch):

Springs Airport (75 minutes to ranch):

International Airport (140 minutes to ranch):

Where Will I Stay?

Choose Your Cowgirl Fit... 🤠

Fully contained RVs welcome: $100 fee per night

Tent camping welcome: no charge

For nearby lodging options visit:  

Are Meals Covered?

Yes! We provide meals, drinks, snacks and training material you can really chew on 😋

What Should I Wear?

Getup that is casual and as cowgirl-inspired as your heart desires!

The pavilion where we will hold our training and workshops is open air, big timber construction so that even when indoors the outdoors are with us.

Are there discounted tickets available?

Payment plans are available to all.

We also have five $200 scholarships that can be used to supplement the ticket purchase price for those making every effort to be able to attend, but are unable to meet the financial requirements for this event. Please email [email protected] to inquire.

What is the vibe?

We’re so tired of force, aren’t you? And like an unruly child, we truly can’t force ourselves to consistently do much of anything. Change. Eat healthy. Exercise. You name it. We must learn how to flow with ourselves. To embrace what makes us unique, and stubborn and beautiful and resilient and sometimes, well, stuck. So we’ve created an experience that’s fun, memorable, beautiful, quirky, playful, spiritual, spunky, and full of soul.

What if I’m not easily able to get around?

The ranch, pavilion, and bath house are all very accessible. Certain Ranch Camp activities and challenges may be difficult for individuals with physical limitations, especially at our elevation. If you’re concerns, please reach out to [email protected].

Can you tell me more about the ranch?

Brush Canyon Ranch has been in the Christenson family for going on six generations. The land tells the story of this connection through old homesteads and family stories tied to different locations on the ranch. The history, family, and beauty ties to this land. It’s served as a sawmill, produced hay, grown potatoes, served as a guest dude ranch, and still today raises beef cattle and horses, as well as serving as a highly popular mountain wedding venue. It’s a beautiful property operated by a beautiful family, steeped in the tradition of making guests feel like family.

Questions? Email [email protected]

Let's do this!

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